November 17, 2020

Tutus & shit

And yet another new category is launched: “Dad Jokes”. It even seems we are a respectful business launching new shit every week. It will stop, we promise. We are not that efficient. Nor do we want to. Embracing the shit happens” motto. Talking about shit (for a change), here at “Tutus & Shit” one learns about life lessons. And that labradors are plain stupid. Oh, you didn’t know we don’t like labradors? News flash, we don’t. 

Dad jokes are my favourite category (apart from the “non-existing” one; meaning, I don’t need to do any work). Why dad jokes? Because I am a daddy’s girl. Because I grew up listening to that wonderful contagious laughter of his. Because my dad always laughed the same way, as he had heard that joke for the very first time. Even if this was the 534th time he was telling it. Because I will never forget putting my head on his big belly, my own personal pillow, and feeling it going up and down when he laughed.